What is there to do on the computer when your bored out of your mind?

Answer Absolutely nothing. The computer creates the boredom you are experiencing. Turn off the computer and get out of the house, even if it's only into your own backyard to look at the stars. Read a boo... Read More »

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Is there anything to do on the internet when your bored?

Try playing online games herehttp://www.miniclip.comGood luck

If you had to make a decision when you get old to either lose your mobility or your mind what would it be?

I wouldn't need to make this kind of decision because I am going to be fit and healthy arn't you?

Moms, what was the first thought that came to your mind when you first held your baby?

I looked at him and thought what a slimy, purple, screaming, slippery, perfect little person! I kept thinking how nothing in the world had affected him yet, that he was so pure and perfect and unta... Read More »

What to do at home when your bored?

Here is some sites i like to visit to keep from being bored.http://www.IfImBored.comhttp://omgfacts.nethttp://statusforfacebook.comhttp://DisasterDateStories.comhttp://FunnyNewsPaperclips.comhttp:/... Read More »