What is there to do in manhattan/ what can i do for free or relitively nothing?

Answer Absolutely! Check out this website- gallery openings, film screenings... so much!

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Is there a countryside code leave nothing but footprints take nothing but photographs who said this?

SLOGAN FOR CONSERVATION OF HILLS AND FORESTSYes, I had seen a hoarding having this slogan/code at Nilgiris Range of hills saying that:"LEAVE NOTHING BUT FOOTPRINTS TAKE NOTHING BUT MEMORIES"I was ... Read More »

Your grandaughter had the egg sac implant itself in the uterus but there was nothing there they did a dandc what causes this to happen?

Answer Well, humans don't have egg sacs, just eggs with no extra frills. Generally, when a fertilized egg implants in the uterus it remains there for about nine months and then birth happens. If s... Read More »

Help!!! What can I do about a toilet overflowing when there is nothing in to obstruct it?

I agree with most people here on using a good snake to clear the pipes out. Before you do that you may want to try this. It sounds like it will never work but it really does... Get a bottle of Da... Read More »

Hi there what is a good website to use to buy a domain name, email, web hosting etc - nothing too complex?

I use HostMonster..HostMonster offers the absolute best value for web hosting available today. They have the best combination of features, reliability, speed, and price, as well as the ability to c... Read More »