What is there to do in San Jose?

Answer Not much

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Is the San Jose civic auditorium and the San Jose Convention center the same place?

Are there alcohol brands w/ female names Theres Jack Daniels and Jose Cuervo for guys, but what about girls?

Jack Daniels, Jose Cuervo, Hiram Walker, Jim Beam, and so forth are all named after the original distillers, and as there weren't very many female business owners at the time most of these things c... Read More »

Are there any nightclubs in san jose ca that are 18 and over?…

I went to Italy recently and had a choclate called nuteella, does there any stores that sell it in san jose?

As everyone is noting, it can for the most part be found in any major grocery store ( usually along side the peanut butter has been my experience) and of course you can always go to the site as som... Read More »