What is thename of the resurant at the cross roads of mountain vista & sunset road or way in las vegas, nevad?

Answer There are quite a few restaurants in that general area. Viva Michoacan, Kathy's Southern Cooking, Fatburger, Roberto's, Village Pub, a Thai restaurant (don't remember the name off the top of my he... Read More »

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How to Plan a Cross Country Road Trip to Las Vegas?

The USA is so darn big and, in some parts of the country, destination spots are far between -- or so it would seem. Good references and a keen and honest sense of what kind of fun you want to have:... Read More »

What mountain does the Simatai section of the Wall cross?

The Simatai section of the Great Wall of China traverses the ridges and cliffs of Mount Yanshan. This 5.4 km span of the Great Wall is steep and rough for hikers with 35 watchtowers along Mount Yan... Read More »

How to Cross a Road in India?

Crossing a road in India, especially in cities, might be an extremely difficult and sometimes dangerous task. Traffic rules there can be different, and roads are very congested. And for foreigners,... Read More »

What age can a child cross the road on his own?

Answer When he can do it without falling down, or without getting hit by a car, and is able to keep away from strangers, and to run from stray dogs or those chained to poles and porches.