What is the10 most tourist visited states in the US?

Answer California, New York, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, Hawaii, Alaska, Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts.

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Can you work in the united states when you are here on a tourist visa?

Visitors traveling to the United States on nonimmigrant tourist visas (B-2) are not allowed to work. Citizens of foreign countries wanting to work in the United States must secure a visa appropriat... Read More »

Which president of the United States has visited the Great Wall of China?

There have been numerous presidents of the United States that have visited the Great Wall of China. They include former Presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Georg... Read More »

How do i erase the sites i visited from showing .i need to hide the porno sites visited .internet explorer?

Well. Maybe you should stop using other people's computers for your... dirty deeds? First Clear the History you can do that by going to Tools at the top of the tool bar above the address bar. Cl... Read More »

What are your most visited websites?