What is the youtube channel of that family that films a video of their lives everyday?

Answer Shaytards

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Whats the best video camera under $400 to make films for youtube vfx & afterfx?

Any video recording DSLR will get far better footage than your phone, I use a Canon Rebel T3i but that would be about 100$ out of your price range at best. Look for second hand ones, it's all about... Read More »

How is my youtube video and channel?

How do I get my Youtube video on my channel to autoplay?

You have to be a YouTube "partner", which more-or-less means you are eithera film / video creator or producer, an artist (musician, singer, comedian, actor),a media corporation, a broadcaster, an "... Read More »

Topics for a video for my youtube channel?

Talk about things going on in the world, watch the news, but anyway here's some topics:Psy has a new song. It sucks. Kim Kardashians pregnant and someone released a song called "I hit it first", th... Read More »