What is the yolk sac?

Answer a sac on the newborn snapping turtle to give them nutrients they need

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What does it mean if they see an empty sac and yolk at 6 weeks?

Well..Most drs will have you came back in a week or two to see if anything has changed.It's possible that you aren't as far along as you thought , the baby could be slow at developing, or it could ... Read More »

What Causes a Green Ring Around the Yolk in a Hard Boiled Egg?

If you have boiled a lot of eggs, then you may have noticed that every once in a while you get a green ring around the yolk. The ring may even, at times, look gray. Although the ring can be ugly, i... Read More »

What does it mean if the outer portion of the yolk in a hard boiled egg is gray?

When the outer portion of the yolk in a hard boiled egg turns gray, it is an indication the temperature of the egg yolk surpassed 158 degrees Fahrenheit during the cooking process.References:Mr. Br... Read More »

How to Get Egg Yolk Off Car Paint?

No one wants to come out and find that their car has been egged. Egg can easily damage paint if left to dry, and egg shells can scratch the paint's clear coat upon impact. But with a few simple hou... Read More »