What is a white linen affair?

Answer A white linen affair is a party designed to be upscale and sophisticated; white linen is a fabric traditionally associated with wealth. For this reason, many evening parties and weddings are white ... Read More »

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What do you do if your father is having an affair?

ANSWER: What will I do if it's my father who's having an affair? But first, we all have different solution when it comes to our family problem and in my own opinion if this is my problem regarding... Read More »

What does black-tie affair mean?

A black-tie affair is a ball, wedding, dinner, ceremony or other event that is semi-formal or formal in style. At a black-tie affair, women typically wear long gowns and men wear tuxedos.References... Read More »

What is AF Official Public Affair response to media?

Drawers may not contain more than 100 records each

What Happens in a Divorce if Your Spouse Had an Affair?

An affair used to be grounds to end a marriage and still is in covenant marriages. Every state in the United States allows no-fault divorce since 2010 but those in covenant marriages must provide g... Read More »