What is the worth of 4 E.P.N.S.A1 salt spoons?

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How to Buy Salt Spoons?

Basically salt spoons are what we use to dish out salt. Salt spoons make a great addition for any spoon collector or silver owner. It is a small spoon kept in the salt box to use for salt serving, ... Read More »

Soup Spoons vs. Dinner Spoons?

There are numerous varieties of spoons designed for specific uses. If you order soup as part of your dinner at a restaurant, for example, you will likely have a soup spoon and a dinner spoon at you... Read More »

What does"worth one's salt"mean?

To be "worth one's salt" means capable and efficient, or deserving of one's salary. The phrase originated in the 1800s and referred to a time when salt was a valuable commodity.References:Phrases: ... Read More »

What does"worth your salt"mean?

According to the Salt Institute, the phrase "not worth his salt" originates from the ancient Roman practice of trading salt for slaves and paying part of the soldiers' wages in salt. The modern wor... Read More »