What is the worst video in youtube?

Answer An uploaded mirror of 2girls1cup would be my guess.

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What video is that one with the worst movie trailer ever?

No idea if you were talking about the Terror Experiment…Meh?My computer won't allow me to watch it, (F*** my computer) but I have a small feeling this is w... Read More »

What is the worst game system ever made?

honestly, i think the xbox is pretty dumb. I am talking about the OLD xbox. (the new xbox 360 is awesome) Why i don't like the xbox is cause the controllers are awful, the games are the same as for... Read More »

What was the worst weather a football game was ever played in?

In the NFL, the worst weather game in terms of temperature was the 1967 NFL Championship Game between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys, better known as the Ice Bowl. The temperature was... Read More »

What is the song played when the progammer is playing the video game in the CSI Miami episode 318 titled Game Over?