What is the worst thing you have seen when you have been driving?

Answer M25 ... London bound ( 3 / 4 years ago ). a Goat on a blokes passenger seat ..!! ...I saw it siting there with his front feet on the dash Bord ...!!!Its no joke ... i had to pull over as i was piss... Read More »

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What is better than the best thing and worse than the worst thing?

What was the worst you've seen while driving?

1) A small child (maybe 5 or 6) went into traffic on a "Big Wheel" from a convenience store and was struck by a vehicle killing the child instantly. We were behind that vehicle when it happened bu... Read More »

What's the worst driving fault you see in other drivers?

Using phones.I cant do anything about it .The police should enforce these rules.

Who is the worst person to get driving lessons from?