What's the worst thing you've done with a computer?

Answer Remorseless, highly ambiguous Trolling, to present new sides & viewpoints to people in an attempt to jar them into understanding and looking beyond "the nose on their face".That's not the absolute ... Read More »

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Whats the worst thing youve done when ya were drunk?

Whats the worst thing you've had done to you while you were sleeping?

At a house party a few years ago, my friends decide to play Buckaroo with me when I was passed out.I had passed-out on the front-room floor and they piled anything they could find on top of me. Thi... Read More »

What is the worst thing you have seen when you have been driving?

M25 ... London bound ( 3 / 4 years ago ). a Goat on a blokes passenger seat ..!! ...I saw it siting there with his front feet on the dash Bord ...!!!Its no joke ... i had to pull over as i was piss... Read More »

What is the worst thing you have witnessed in A&E?

I guess when I was called to certify a young female motorcyclist whose head, still in the helmet, was on one side of the ambulance with the rest of her body on the other. Or perhaps it was helping ... Read More »