What is the worst thing you can think of to add to an omelet?

Answer strawberries, or any other fruit.

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Bacon Omelet Mushroom Omelet Cheese Omelet Or Sausage Omelet Which do you prefer more?

Mushroom, i love mushrooms! And i prefer just the egg white, the yolk makes me feel sick lol. =)Night Scooter. =) Btw, your answer to my Q was great, and it was joint best with Amy. I tossed a coin... Read More »

Cheese Omelet Bacon Omelet OR Mushroom Omelet Which do you like better?

how about all of them in one? ...that is what i would like! ...Mr. are tempting me....I am going to gain wieight if I keep answering these kinds of questions...hahahahaha..! but please...d... Read More »

What is better than the best thing and worse than the worst thing?

What is the worst thing you have witnessed in A&E?

I guess when I was called to certify a young female motorcyclist whose head, still in the helmet, was on one side of the ambulance with the rest of her body on the other. Or perhaps it was helping ... Read More »