What is the worst thing that has happened to u?

Answer I had to have my entire stomach removed because it was destroyed by previous surgeries. Now I have to drink liquid protein and take special vitamins as I am unable to get any nutrients from food. T... Read More »

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Whats the worst thing thats ever happened to you, and the best?

worst thing..........being shot down in Iraq while on a mission in a thing......waking up in Germany to see my wife and hearing the doctor say i think he will pull thur ... Read More »

What is the worst accident that has happened to you?

I have lost every nail on my right finger and 2 on my left, I have broken my arm, wrist fingers, dislocated shoulder-both, chipped tooth...the list goes on...all on separate occasions. I am very ac... Read More »

Poll: what is the one thing that has happened lately on a soap that really surprised you?

A 'Hot Babe', I'll have to start watching.....!!

What’s the worst cooking disaster you’ve had that set off the smoke alarm What happened?

I put a stock pot of veal stock on the stove one night. It needs to simmer for about 12 hours to finish. I left for a party with my girlfriend. We thought it'd be not much fun and would be back soo... Read More »