What is the worst thing about being diabetic?

Answer What an interesting question. As the parent of a child with diabetes (he is now 5 and was diagnosed at 2), I can say that right now he thinks the worst things are the pump site changes. For me, I t... Read More »

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What's the worst thing about running out of weed?

Depends on usage, I use for medicinal purposes, as well as recreationally. If I run out, my muscle spasms are worse, the nausea is worse, I don't sleep restfully, nor do I eat. People in severe pai... Read More »

For you, what's the best and worst thing about being pregnant?

Yep i just love feeling him move and hate the weight gain. I have put loads of weight on my legs this time and it amkes me so sad as it took me 6 months to get if off after number 1 and that was a ... Read More »

What is better than the best thing and worse than the worst thing?

What is the worst thing in your house?