Worst place to live in L.A.?

Answer A lot of the people who answered this question are complete morons. When I first moved to LA, I moved to North Long Beach. There were cockroaches, bars on the windows, drug dealers. My car was brok... Read More »

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What would the worst place to have your cell phone ring?

I concur with Jodi on this onea funeral would be the absolute worseespecially if your ringtone happens to be Celebrate Good Times

Worst place for tattoos?

Where is the worst place to get a blister?

The shaft of your penis, from excessive masturbation.

Mosquito bite in the worst place...........?

Mosquito Bites:These pesky insects may be small, but they will not hesitate to bite anywhere, everywhere. It is easy to spot a mosquito bite: it is very itchy and the skin forms red bump at least 1... Read More »