What is the worst injury you had?

Answer I was shot in the chest and the bullet severed my spinal cord. I haven't walked since.

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What is the worst injury you have had?

I fainted once... but thats because I was standing up for too long and was dehydrated! I have never broken a bone. I was taken to hospital once because I tripped on a step and my lip was bleeding a... Read More »

Worst injury you've ever had?

Good day to you SKYCAT :-)After a car crash couple years back i had a broken collar bone and broken shoulder whip lash and a injured spine..The ironic thing is although i new i was hurt i didnt kno... Read More »

What's the worst injury you've had?

What is the worst injury you got as a kid?

Several!1. Me and my mom flipped over in an ATV (all terain vechicle, like a 4 wheeler motorcycle.) We both fell into thorny bushes, and I was only 4. We were in mexico so I needed to put stingi... Read More »