What is the worst injury that you have ever suffered and how did you do it?

Answer a broken heart......i fell 4 the wrong

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What's the worst injury you've suffered on vacation?

Got in a argument and this person bit a piece of my tongue off........

Has anyone ever suffered from a Traumatic Brain Injury/Epidural Hematoma?

Your question and story is interesting, but this isn't really the forum for social connections. It's more anonymous. You might try a medical forum or brain injury website.

Worst injury you ever had?

All in one go -4 dislocated & broken toes.2 crushed fingers.Shattered humerus.Femur snapped and came out he side of my thigh.Gangrene.Skin grafts.26 years of arthritis & rheumatism.Rob - Nice one!

What is the worst injury you have had?

I fainted once... but thats because I was standing up for too long and was dehydrated! I have never broken a bone. I was taken to hospital once because I tripped on a step and my lip was bleeding a... Read More »