What is the worst girlie drink a guy can order?

Answer my male boss likes to order chocotinis which i think is really girlie, lol. I also had a bf who liked strawberry dacquiries which I thought was pretty girlie as well.

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Can you rank these in order of best to worst?

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What drink to order when i go out?

Hello,I'm not a big drinker either, usually my friends order me drinks too.If you want to go out and have something nice to drink, and since you like vodka, you might want to order a vodka based co... Read More »

When you go to a bar, pub or club what drink do you order?

I usually order a Stongbow cider. I don't drink it at home much, and love the taste of the stuff. If that's not available I'll try any other thing I don't tend to buy for home. Maybe an import o... Read More »

In a bar, what drink would you order to start?

Hot weather; BeerCold weather; Red/Mulled wineDaytime; Gin and tonicNighttime; Tequila!Out with a girl; Share a bottle of whatever wine she's drinkingOut with the boys; Anything, petrol, whatever's... Read More »