Which fast food chain serves the worst food?

Answer White Castle. Any food joint that gives away car fresheners with an order has to be gross.

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What is your worst food!!?

I can't eat anything aquatic, except for salmon (not whole salmon steaks, though.) I don't like raw onions, okra, venison and other game meat, wild foul, squirrel or opossum. I'd never touch esca... Read More »

What is your worst food ever?

Celery does suck. I'll go with Brussel Sprouts.

What country makes the worst food?

English people!It's funny how they think they have a cuisine when really all their food is just inspired or taken from other cultures Looool

What was the worst wildfire in world history?

The worst wildfire in U.S. history was not as recent as you might think. In 1871, a wildfire erupted in the forest of Peshtigo, Wisconsin, burning everything in its wake from October 8 through Octo... Read More »