What is the worst dog for an infant with pet allergies?

Answer Yes I've taken to Doctors but have been assured that there is nothing there.Have you taken it to the doctor yet? It sounds like an ear infection.

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Infant Soy Allergies?

Many babies are allergic to soy, often found in infant's formula, but most outgrow the allergy by the time they are 3 years old. The most definitive way to find out if your child is allergic to so... Read More »

What country in Africa has the worst infant mortality and literacy rate in the Western Hemisphere?

Answer According to the CIA World Factbook - the African country with the highest infant mortality rate is Angola. There is 184 deaths for every 1000 births.The worst literacy rate in Africa appe... Read More »

Can polio immunisation in a prematurely born infant cause the infant to be unable to walk?

Your wife is pregnant your infant is bpd 96mm fl 66mm is it too short of fl is there any problem with your infant?