What was the worst wildfire in world history?

Answer The worst wildfire in U.S. history was not as recent as you might think. In 1871, a wildfire erupted in the forest of Peshtigo, Wisconsin, burning everything in its wake from October 8 through Octo... Read More »

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What are the 5 worst tasting foods in the world in your opinion...?

I actually quite enjoy Radishes.Mine (5 being the worst)1. Sushi2. Horseradish 3. Mayonnaise 4. Olive Juice5. Roasted Spider

Worst band in the world?

so many people are answering this question based on personal opinionnoone is actually going by the standard that the absolute worst band in the world would be one that had sold

Worst oil spills in the world?

The top 10 most famous oil spills are - 1. Deepwater Horizon Spill2. Amoco Cadiz3. Arabian Gulf Spill4. Argo Merchant5. Barge Bouchard 1556.Barge Cibro Savannah7. Burmah Agate8. Exxon Valdez9. Ixto... Read More »

What iCarly episode did Sam cuss in?

You are probably thinking of iThink They Kissed. She didn't cuss but it sounds like she said the ''c'' word. Really, she says crab. :)