The worst movie ever made is what?

Answer Showgirls

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What are the worst Sci-Fi movies ever made?

Anything made for the Syfy channel. I swear the people running it are trying to destroy Sci-Fi as a legitimate form of fiction.SW 4,5,6? Those are generally considered to be the better of the serie... Read More »

What is the worst parenting mistake you have made ?

I have two shining moments that I'm so not proud of. When my stepdaughter was 6 she was home alone for about 10 minutes. I don't know where my brain was. She was asleep, it was early in the morn... Read More »

What is the worst car ever made I think it was the Austin Allegro!?


What is the worst movie somebody ever made you watch?

Vampires Suck It was awful and it really sucks. Guess what it's about. As you can understand from its title, it's about the stupid movie "Twilight."My friend came to my home with its DVD and she sa... Read More »