What is the worst airline in Australia?

Answer 12 hours

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Which is the worst airline company?

The worst airline company is Tom airlines from Brazil

Which airline flies between Singapore& Perth, Australia?

As of July 2010, Qantas Airways offers commercial passenger air service between Singapore and Perth, on the west coast of Australia. The flight uses an Airbus A330-300 aircraft and takes approximat... Read More »

Is telstra broadband the worst internet provider in australia?

really!, optus is a close 2nd place,,, they suck!!!!!!!!!!!but im soooo lucky i only have 21 months left of my 24 month contract, lol,,,, i think theyr all shitt xxxxxxxxxx

What is the worst Worst injury you've ever had?

ok is was the most absolute worst day of my life i was riding my bike wen i was like 13 on a gravel road. I looked down to check my speedometer and i was going 90 km/h then i put my gear into 7 and... Read More »