What is the worst Worst injury you've ever had?

Answer ok is was the most absolute worst day of my life i was riding my bike wen i was like 13 on a gravel road. I looked down to check my speedometer and i was going 90 km/h then i put my gear into 7 and... Read More »

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Whats the worst pain youve ever been in?

once while i was raking hay, i had to go under an apple tree to gather a swath of downed hay. suddenly, i had excrutiating pain in my right eye! it was so bad i shoved the tractor out of gear and ... Read More »

Whats the worst thing youve done when ya were drunk?

What is the worst injury you had?

I was shot in the chest and the bullet severed my spinal cord. I haven't walked since.

Worst injury you ever had?

All in one go -4 dislocated & broken toes.2 crushed fingers.Shattered humerus.Femur snapped and came out he side of my thigh.Gangrene.Skin grafts.26 years of arthritis & rheumatism.Rob - Nice one!