What song did Kaylie Cruz use for floor at worlds in Make It or Break It on ABC Family which aired May 23 2011?

Answer One More by superchick

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Why isn't this song in the charts or popular?

Most likely because "Life Goes On" by Tupac is more popular.

What's the name of this popular 90's dance song?

Rick Astley has only one popular song,Why?

Never gonna give you up I'm sure is the song you're referring to, but he actually has several popular songs, some songs you don't even realize are done by Rick Astley.You probably recognize this po... Read More »

Who made the song"Volare"popular?

Italian pop music star Domenico Modugno made the song "Volare" popular. His version of "Volare" reached No. 1 on the U.S. charts and won a Grammy Award in 1959. Dean Martin, Bobby Rydell and Al Mar... Read More »