What is the world's most common plant or weed?

Answer Some people have suggested that BRACKEN FERN (Pteridium) is the world's most common plant. Plankton, moss, or algae might also qualify, oceanic cyanobacteria being the world's most numerous plants ... Read More »

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Poll - Are you as common as a weed or a unique blue rose?

i have never been referred to as commonthis is my first gardening answer...yippie

Common Types of Lawn Weed in East Tennessee?

An invasion of weeds in your lawn is enough to make you want to pull your hair out. It can seem like a never-ending battle to kill the weeds, especially when you see the same ones year after year. ... Read More »

What is this plant/weed?

It looks like a day lily. Latin: Hemerocallis.

How do you tell if your weed plant is dead?

The leaves will dry up and the stalk will lose its color.