How to Punt a Football?

Answer In some codes of American Football and Rugby Football, a punt is when a football is kicked without letting it hit the ground first.[1] A punt is a play in American football and Canadian football in... Read More »

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How to Kick a Good Drop Punt in Football?

This punt drop is being taught with instruction from Brendan Carney, Punter for the Baltimore Ravens.

What is the worlds longest lasting printer?

the one the user properly maintains instead of throwing all kinds of money away on ink cartridges and throwing tantrums when the thing doesn't work instead of sitting down and reading and learning.

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What was the longest football throw in a stadium in the air?

There is no official record for the longest pass in the air because game statistics include the pass and subsequent run. The longest in the air is thought to be an 83-yard pass from Cowboys quarter... Read More »