What is the world's Most expensive marijuana?

Answer the most expensive seeds on the market are Armageddon x Sirius skunk from the Pukka Seed Company, at £475 for 10 feminised seeds.The most expensive hash on the market is DUTHC waterworks iceolator... Read More »

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What is the most potent kind of marijuana?

whoever said purple kush or any kind of kush is a novice...white widow is proven to be the most potent marijuana on the planet currently and contains the most thc... skunk is a close second... i lo... Read More »

What is the most common nicknae for marijuana and why?

The most common nickname for marijauna is chronic. Everyone knows what chronic is. That's why.

What is the worlds most annoying tv advert?

Cillit Bang with the guy who is incapable of speaking, only shouting.Sheila's Wheels - the one with the guy in the pink dress singing.Picture - who really chats about football when they are trying ... Read More »

What is the healthiest and most efficient way to get high off of marijuana?