How to Use a Pogo Stick?

Answer By reading this article you can learn how to successfully use a pogo stick - it can be really easy once you know how! Once you have that down you will learn how to jump with one foot, no handed, an... Read More »

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How to Perform a 180 on a Pogo Stick?

Jumping on a pogo stick can get boring after a while. You might say to yourself, "What else can I do?" There are a couple other thing that you can do. One of them would be mastering the 180.

Who invented the pogo stick ?

George B. Hansburg invented the pogo stick in 1919. As of 2010 it remained a bestseller for its manufacturer. In 1960 Gordon Spitzmesser received a patent for a gas-powered pogo stick, but soon aft... Read More »

Who made the first practical pogo stick?

George B Hansburg made the very first pogo stick in 1919 and has the patent on the toy. It is a classic Y-shape design with foot pegs. Mr Hansburg is the founder of SBI which is the pogo stick subs... Read More »

Who made the first practical pogo stick and when?

A toy designer named George B. Hansburg from Illinois is credited for inventing the first practical pogo stick in 1919, but the popularity of pogo sticks did not catch on with consumers until the 1... Read More »