The perimeter of a dog pen is twenty four meters The length is five meters What is the width of the dog pen in meters?

Answer I am guessing this is a homework question so I will explain how to get the answer rather than just answer it. If the length is 10 meters then the 2 sides of the length equal 10 meters. If you subtr... Read More »

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How far is 300 meters on a running track?

A standard running track is 400 meters long, so 300 meters is approximately three-quarters of a lap around a running track. Three hundred meters is approximately 1,000 feet. Distances vary slightly... Read More »

How to Train to Run 400 Meters in Track?

The 400m in Track is one of the most commonly run races in track. If you can run the 400, you can run the 800, just with a few modifications. This is how.

What is Brada's track record?

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What year was the 8 track record player&graphophone invented?

Alexander Graham Bell's Volta Laboratory received a patent for the graphophone, an evolution of the phonograph and a predecessor to the gramophone, in 1886. Emile Berliner produced the first practi... Read More »