How to Go Underwater Without Holding Your Nose?

Answer Ever wanted to breathe underwater? Do you always inhale water when you jump in the pool and feel awful right after? Don't worry, there is a way to prevent this.

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How to Swim Underwater Without Holding Your Nose?

It is very hard to do anything underwater while holding your nose. You can't do handstands correctly, flip easily, or do competitive swimming strokes. So read this article if you want to know how t... Read More »

Can you die from holding your breath?

How to Cure Hiccups by Holding Your Breath?

Everyone seems to have their own goofy method to stop hiccups. This method technically addresses the physical "misalignment" that causes hiccups - and stops it in its tracks.

How to Hold Your Breath Underwater for Long Periods of Time?

Swimming can be hard for you because you can't hold your breath quite long enough. This is how you can practice getting that air to stay fresh.