How to Go Underwater Without Holding Your Nose?

Answer Ever wanted to breathe underwater? Do you always inhale water when you jump in the pool and feel awful right after? Don't worry, there is a way to prevent this.

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How to Swim Underwater Without Holding Your Nose?

It is very hard to do anything underwater while holding your nose. You can't do handstands correctly, flip easily, or do competitive swimming strokes. So read this article if you want to know how t... Read More »

Can you die from holding your breath?

How do penguins hold their breath underwater?

The 17 different species of penguins can be found anywhere from Antarctica to the equator. They hunt for their prey underwater using a highly developed respiratory system to cope with extreme depth... Read More »

How to Tackle Breath Holding in Toddlers?

When toddlers or babies experience breath-holding fits, it is usually because feelings of extreme discomfort, fright, anger, or frustration have caused their lungs to reflex involuntarily and affec... Read More »