What made the big bang that made the world?

Answer i really have no idea guessing 2 meteors collided to make earth but how am i to say that is Right

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What was the first coin made in the world?

According to the Northwest Territorial Mint, the first coins as a store of value were used by the state of Lydia (a Mediterranean state) about 610 B.C. At this time, King Alyattes put his image on ... Read More »

What Are the Seven Man-made Wonders of the World?

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was a list first drawn up by the ancient Greeks. This list highlighted what were seen to be the most spectacular man-made structures in the known world. Many ... Read More »

What was the first gun ever made in the world?

Gunpowder was discovered in 9th century China, and primitive guns were created from bamboo tubes. The first European handguns emerged in the 15th century and were similar to cannons; they were fron... Read More »

What metal are World War I dog tags made from?

Dog tags in World War I, which lasted from 1914 to 1918, usually were made of aluminum and were coin-shaped. Dog tags, which are tags worn around the neck used to identify fallen and wounded fighte... Read More »