Victory has thousand fathers Defeat has XXXX Transcript of McCain on The Tonight Show Jay Leno say Jack Kennedy didnt use the word orphan. so what word was used by Jack Kennedy instead of orphan?

Answer To paraphrase JFK himself, success has a thousand fathers; failure is an orphan - or did he say "bastard"? See the LINK below.

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What initials are used to show that you are a candidate in a doctoral program?

The letters ABD apply to doctoral candidates who have finished all the required courses and who will receive a Ph.D. degree if they can each write an acceptable dissertation. ABD means "all but dis... Read More »

What song play when Taylor Lautner comes to accepts the award best shirtless performance in MTVMovie Award2013?

Well, it's not a theme from the Breaking Dawn series, since the same thing played during the list of nominees.I suggest you do what I tried to, but couldn't: Listen to the lyrics and write them dow... Read More »

When was the word photography first used?

The wordphotography was first used in 1839, by Sir John Herschel when the process of photography became known. It is from the Greek words for light and writing.

When was the word"bard"first used?

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