What is the Japanese word for"infinity"?

Answer The Japanese translation for the English word "infinity" is actually a symbol that is not included in the English language. However, when translating the symbol to English in things like song title... Read More »

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What does the Japanese word"kai"mean?

The Japanese word "kai" has several meanings, depending on the context in which it's used. One definition is "effect, result or worth;" another definition is "cut, trim or prune." Other meanings in... Read More »

What does the Japanese word"kimono"mean?

"Kimono" is a Japanese word that means "thing or things to wear." A kimono is the traditional garment of a Japanese woman. It has become less popular over time, as the Japanese have adopted Western... Read More »

How is the word bonsai written in Japanese?

It is written using the hiragana characters Bo, N, Sa and I. The word together looks like this:ほんさいIt is also literally translated as "Tray Planting"Using Japanese Kanji characters, it is w... Read More »

How to Write in Japanese on Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word features the ability to write in Japanese in a Word document. This feature makes Microsoft Word a useful tool for those who wish to stay connected on a global scale. Learning to spea... Read More »