What is the word for the self-loathing you feel after eating a KFC?

Answer It's a mixture of guilt and shame, a bit like the feeling that sometimes creeps in after an unsatisfactory session of masturbation. Obviously it's a lot worse with KFC though, and you're far more l... Read More »

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I don't feel like eating and only feel like drinking sweet things and my side aches?

The pain in your side is a symptom of the UTI. So are the other symptoms. I think your UTI is getting bad and needs to be dealt with. If not, the infection may go into your kidneys, if it hasn't ... Read More »

How do you feel about eating "meat"?

"My body will not be a tomb for other creatures. " -Leonardo Da VinciI HATE some fake meats, like "Tuno"but others are better than the real dealsoy bbq ribs, chicken nuggets, etc...

Why do I feel nauseous after eating?

I'm not a doctor but maybe the food sucks

I feel like eating a cigarette?

Some people crave a cigarette because of the oral fixation; others need something to do with their hands; still others simply have a psychological or physiological addiction. For the first, chew g... Read More »