What is the word for something belonging to or associated with a flower?

Answer Floral

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Can you name a song that mentions the word "Flower" or a type of flower in the title or lyrics?

Dead Flowers The Rolling Stones…Yusuf Islam ( Cat Stevens ) - All kinds of Roses…Neil Young-Love Is A Rose http... Read More »

What is a another word for flower?

Italian: fiore (read fee-OH-reh) Icelandic: blòm (the ò is read as "o" in "no") Blume (german, note that Blume is feminine, so it's Die Blume) Hana (japanese, no gender) Turkish - çiçek (pr... Read More »

What's another word that means flower?

What is the Chinese word for flower?

The Chinese word for flower is hua. Phonetically, the Chinese pronounce hua as "hwah." In reading Chinese, you could find hua as a standalone word or as part of a longer word. For example, huashan ... Read More »