What is the Hebrew word for matchmaker?

Answer The Hebrew word for marriage broker or matchmaker is shadchan, according to In Jewish tradition, professional shadchanim can charge a fee called a shadchanut for their services. Accordin... Read More »

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What is the translation for the Hebrew word heylel?

The Hebrew word heylel occurs in Isaiah 14:12. The King James Bible translates it as "Lucifer" (bearer of light). The New Living Translation gives it the meaning "shining star." Heylel means the mo... Read More »

What is the meaning of the Hebrew word Sefirot of Beriah?

The mystical teachings of the Hebrews call the 10 emanations of divine light the Sefirots while Beriah refers to one of the four realms. Together, Sefirot of Beriah suggests the location of the 10 ... Read More »

How to Say Love in Hebrew?

The word love in Hebrew is said different ways, depending on the gender and the context. This article explains how to know what to say, to whom, and when.

How to Pluralize a Word in Hebrew?

Hebrew is very different from English because in Hebrew, there are different masculine and feminine forms of words. Usually, the ends of words are written and sound different than if you were a mal... Read More »