What is the word for chocolate in German?

Answer The word for chocolate in German is "schokolade." During the mid-1800s, the creation of small shops around the country turned Germany into one of the many European centers of chocolate production.S... Read More »

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Is Dutch chocolate better than German chocolate?

hmm, in my opinion.... the best ist Swiss Chocolate and Belgian.

What is German chocolate?

Many of us grew up eating the rich, gooey confection we know as German chocolate cake. You might be surprised to learn the cake is not German at all, and neither is its sweet chocolate namesake.Fro... Read More »

What is the German word for hot flash?

"Die Hitzewallung" is the German word for "hot flash." It is a compound word that can be broken into two German words. The first word "die Hitze" indicates something "fiery" or "heat." The second p... Read More »

What is the meaning of the word"Ilsa"in german?

Ilsa is a feminine German given name. It is a variation of Ilse, which is a diminutive -- or shortened form -- of Elisabeth, the German spelling of the biblical name Elizabeth.References:Behind the... Read More »