What is the word for analysis of fragments of DNA as a form of identification?

Answer There are a couple of terms that can be used for analysis of fragments of DNA as a form of identification. Although the larger field of DNA forensics can serve as the word, a more specific term wou... Read More »

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I have scanned a form, saved it to Word but am unable to type into the boxes on the form.?

OCR is Optical Character Recognition software.A scanner makes an image file, not a text file.Basically, what you're doing is like trying to change the colours or contrast of a photo using Word. Wor... Read More »

Fifth Grade Reading Activities for Word Structure & Analysis?

Fifth-grade reading activities for word structure and analysis help students to comprehend contractions and complex words. By using structural analysis, a student can distinguish Greek and Latin ro... Read More »

Types of Sentence Fragments?

A sentence fragment, or incomplete sentence, has no main verb (action or activity) and no subject (nothing or no one to talk about). In a nutshell, the subject and a main verb, along with the rest ... Read More »

When did FDA establish insect fragments?

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) created The Food Defect Action Levels Handbook, which addresses "natural contaminants" such as insect fragments, on June 19, 1986, when it published Title 21 CF... Read More »