What is the wifi range of iPhone 3gs?

Answer yes

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If wifi and sim card are both available whether iPhone will use WiFi or 3g for web browsing?

hey people my mums iphone is acting strange when somebody calls it only vibrates it doesnt play the ringtone she setted can anyone help???

IPhone 4S will connect to any wifi except my home wifi?

Don't run cc cleaner... Also, don't use static settings. Touch the blue arrow next to the network you're trying to connect to and select forget this network. Try connecting again after that. Let me... Read More »

How to extend wifi range?

there is something i can't really remember, something like a router repeater. it extends outwards further without weakening the signal

How to Increase the Range of Your Wifi?

There are several easy ways for you to increase the range of your wifi relatively quickly. Almost all of them involve using a simple do-it-yourself antenna on either your router or your wireless re... Read More »