What is the width of a human hair in centimeters?

Answer The actual width of a human hair varies from person to person because everyone has unique hair chemistry. In addition, hair colors each have a different thickness (black is the thickest) and hair t... Read More »

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What is the average width of a human hair?

A single strand of human hair can be anywhere between 18 microns and 80 microns, depending on which part of the body the hair is coming from. A micron is one-millionth of a

How to Convert Human Height in Centimeters to Feet?

height in feet?There are many ways on how to convert your height in centimeters to feet. This article teaches you how to convert it without using pen and paper. Just remember only the equation and ... Read More »

Why the width of the rail road is built smaller than the width of the train cargo?

Another thought on this: The other answerers have dealt very well with the physics of the matter. One additional consideration is that the smaller the track gauge the cheaper it was to build. For ... Read More »

How to Calculate Centimeters Squared From Centimeters?

A centimeter is a metric unit of distance and length. It is the equivalent of 0.01 meters. The surface area of an object is expressed in square units and is dependent on the shape of the object.The... Read More »