I have a flea bite that i had for a while i kept scratching it and now white and red stuff comes out of it?

Answer You need to quit scratching it and apply some antibiotic ointment and let it heal.

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Is it a sign of pregnancy if white stuff comes out when you go to the restroom?

AnswerNo that is not a pregnancy symtom. Girls also get that when they are not pregnant. That white stuff that's coming out when you urinate is calles discharge. Its perfectly normal in girls. It d... Read More »

What is the stuff that comes out of a lady with the baby?

What's the stuff that looks like a grain of salt that comes out of my hair?

Dandruff?Like the guy before me said, they are dead skin cells. One way to avoid it is to not use extremely hot water when showering. :P

When you're pregnant what is the stuff that comes out of the bumps on your aureoles?

Answerfrom everything I have read it is an oil that the Montgomery glands secrete to lubricate the nipples/areolas and get them ready for breastfeeding.