What is the white part of an apple called?

Answer The thick fleshy part of an apple is called the hypanthium. This is the portion of an apple consumed along with the outer skin. This area of the apple once held the petals and sepals of the apple b... Read More »

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What called the yellow bump showing on my white part of eye is this alarming on my eye condition?

it is called a pinguecula. It is caused by dust and irritation and exposure to the sun. It does not require any treatment. Wearing sunglasses and using lubricant drops may keep it from getting worse.

Why doesn't it hurt when you touch the white part of your eye but as soon as you move to the coloured part..?

the white is just the encasement holding your eyeball, it's coloured white to reflect heat away from your eyes. when you touched the coloured eyeball, you touched the most sensitive part of your ey... Read More »

What are the creatures called that are part plant part human like rose specture of dunn from yugioh?

People that do not wash dey is a little on the mouldy side

Is there a computer program that tells you how to mix colors in proportion such as two parts of white plus 1 part of black plus 1 part of blue and show the resulting color?

There are so many excellent programs out there. If you type "mixing colors" in your search box, you can pick and choose the one that is right for you. I have previewed a couple of them for you and ... Read More »