How Do New Houses Get Their Street Number?

Answer With the creation of the modern U.S. postal system in the late seventeenth century, it became necessary for houses to be numbered in order to improve delivery. If a new house is added, it has to fi... Read More »

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What is the number of cow slaughter houses in America?

A February 2010 report by the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyard Administration shows that there are 289 cattle slaughterhouses in the United States. A 2005 study by the National Farmers Union... Read More »

What style houses are the ones that are brick work on the bottom and black and white wood style on top?

They are known as 'Mock Tudor' in that they attempt to emulate some of the style of Tudor period buildings. For more information, follow this link.…Hope t... Read More »

Why are older houses generally creepier than newer houses?

Good question.Here are my theories as to why older houses are scarier than newer houses:1) Considering that the house is older, the flooring isn't as stable, so it creaks when you walk. At night, w... Read More »

How to Find Repo Houses or Buy Tax-Money Houses?

Repossessed, post-foreclosure houses are often sold by the bank that has repossessed them. If the house has been financed with a Federal Housing Authority loan, it will be sold by the department of... Read More »