Who called out the troops during the Whiskey Rebellion?

Answer President George Washington called out the militia to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794. Farmers in Pennsylvania had been protesting a federal excise tax and this was the first time the nation... Read More »

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What was the outcome of bacon's rebellion?

After Nathaniel Bacon died, his rebellion, which started in 1676, fizzled out and Governor Berkeley took revenge by hanging nearly two dozen men and seizing estates that had belonged to Bacon's fol... Read More »

What was the importance of the boxer rebellion in the US?

What happened after bacon's rebellion?

Bacon's Rebellion, which took place in 1676, was a protest against William Berkeley, Royal Governor of Virginia, who refused to protect colonial farmers from Indian attacks. Led by Nathaniel Bacon,... Read More »

What was the boxer rebellion and how is it related to us foreign policy?

Includes military assistance, loans, and technical assistance.