What is the most weirdest fact about Neptune?

Answer If you are referring to the planet, it rains diamonds.

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Weirdest injury you've ever heard of...?

There was a guy on the news that had shot himself a dozen times with a nail gun and went in, complaining of a headache. Might have been a relative of the guy you work with, eh?

What is the weirdest town name you have heard?

There is also a Rough and Ready in Pennsylvania. Actually Pennsylvania probably can take the title for weirdest town names. There is Intercourse which happens to be near Paradise. Which leads to... Read More »

What is the weirdest thing you eat?

It's a toss up betweenHeart and Kidney stew, which *I* don't even like the sound of, and yet love to eat.And my "The Thing" which I created once when I was really, really bored.Pretty much;A thick ... Read More »

What is the weirdest thing you have ever ate?

Either part of an alligator stew in Louisiana or a horse steak in Berlin (I didn't order either one, just tried it off someone else's place at the table).I was with some people in Colorado one time... Read More »