What is the weirdest food you have tried?

Answer Goat....It was in soup and very chewy I ate it before I asked what it was...yucky

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What food you have never tried but would like to try at least once?

There are a lot of foods I would love to try. Whenever I would like to try something, I would typically just make it. But until I can get a Taiyaki pan and a Takoyaki grill, I will not be able to m... Read More »

What Ethnic Food that you have never tried but would love to try in the future?

Food from Sri Lanka. I love to check out recipes from around the world online.

Strangest food you have tried?

Badger Pie (now illegal in the UK).Roast Hedgehog, Roma style(also now illegal).Grey Squirrel in Nettle Sauce.Slug, boiled with herbs, veg and spud (survival course).CrocodileCapibariSnakeFried Loc... Read More »

Have you ever tried polish food?

polska kielbasa and stuffed cabbage. it was good.