What is the weirdest food that you eat on a regular basis?

Answer Garden salads with cheese (Feta or shredded Parmesan) which I warm up in the microwave. Don't like cold salad, unlike everyone else.

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What is the best natural cure for constipation....something that can be used daily or on a regular basis?

Magnesium is good to clear constipation and like vitamin c, your body disposes of what you don't need.

What is the weirdest food that you eat?

i'm asian so i eat a lot of weird food. (not dog though) -chicken feet-tripe (cow's stomach)-pig's ear, heart

What was the weirdest food that you've ever eaten?

I had a dish in Peru that is very popular there. It is called cuy. Here in the USA, we call it Guinea Pig.I didn't want to offend the host, especially since this seemed to be their idea of the be... Read More »

What would you judge to be a widespread belief concerning food that has no scientific basis?

Pretty much every "detox" diet is based on non-factual information with absolutely no scientific bases. Unless you're having poison pumped from your stomach, you're not detoxing.