What is the weight of water displaced by a 100-ton floating ship?

Answer Archimedes' Principle states that the weight of displaced water is exactly equal to the force pressing down upon it. Therefore, a ship weighing exactly 100 tons would displace exactly 100 tons of w... Read More »

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How to Convert Displaced Water to Volume?

Finding the volume of a regular three-dimensional object, such as a cube with 2-inch sides, is straightforward and involves multiplying the length by the width by the height. With an irregularly sh... Read More »

What is water weight How does losing water weight work?

water weight is stuff like your sweat and spit. if you lose this weight you would just gain it right back, which isn't a bad thing. Also the human body is composed of a lot of water so losing it wo... Read More »

A swimming pool holds 200 cubic yards of water what is the weight of water in pounds?

How many pounds of water weight (bloat) is it possible to put on in 2 weeksWhat's the best way to lose water?

I wouldnt worry about the scale. Understand that water weight = fat weight since fat cells are mostly composed of water. If you did successfully drop 5-10 lbs in a week or 2 its likely since yo... Read More »